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Want to take your networking to another level? Need some guidance on how to feel empowered? Looking for ways to further educate yourself as a marketer? Girl, you’re in the BEST place. 

Our community is a safe space to get to know others in the industry as well as learn from experts and become the best marketer possible.


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Level up your knowledge and networking, girl!

Long gone are the days of formal attire and champagne flutes, we're here for the cocktails with jeans and a nice top. The Members Society is a casual, and safe space for women to connect, network, up-skill and learn from others in the industry. 


Not quite sure if you’re ready for this level of marketing empowerment in your life?

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Educational and empowering workshops

Employability skills sessions

Virtual networking events

(which can hopefully be in person too sometimes!)

Brainstorming sessions

(to come and dump your ideas for projects or upcoming work stuff!)

Exclusive written blog content and video resources

from industry professionals

Facebook Group Community

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Access to a private Instagram account

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Member discounts to external events, courses, and workshops


Here's how we can help

Ever felt alone on your marketing journey and want to connect with like-minded ambitious marketers? We're HERE for it. Up-skill, network, and grow your own community of lovely marketers who'll be there for you throughout your marketing career.

If you're dreaming of connecting with other women who have a passion for marketing and buckets of enthusiasm for their career, you're in the right place.


We offer two pricing packages, both have the same benefits but one is discounted for students and recent graduates.

Professional Marketers


Ideal for marketers on their marketing journey

  • Supportive community forum and regular networking events
  • Variety of live monthly events
  • Access to a Members Society private Instagram

Aspiring Marketers


Student and graduate membership price

  • Discounted price for those who aren't yet pursuing their Marketing career
  • Same benefits  and events as 'professional marketers' 

Our Planned Monthly Themes

Below is a list of our upcoming planned monthly themes. We concentrate on a variety of different topics and marketing areas throughout the year and would love to have you as part of our exclusive Marketing society.

May - Facebook and Instagram Ads

Social Media Ads can be a minefield, join us for the month of discussions around Facebook and Instagram ads in an easy to understand format. Want to move into paid ads as a career? Maybe you're wanting to take your marketing campaigns to new heights with paid social media? We've got you covered throughout May.

June - Going Freelance

As one of the most popular topics on the minds of any marketer, June is all about going freelance. We’re REALLY excited about tackling all things freelance. From landing clients to talking taxes and narrowing your niche, we’re ready for it all. You can go freelance no matter where you’re at in your career, Queen!

July - Sustainability in Marketing

We’re trying to create a better, more eco-conscious world. With marketing being everywhere you go, it’s time to learn about sustainability in marketing and how to implement it. Our workshops will dive into being sustainable throughout all levels of marketing, no matter if you’re a business owner or blogger. Sustainability is the future, and you’re the future of marketing. Good combo, right?

August - Personal Branding as a Marketer

September - Power and Relationships in the Marketing Workplace

October - Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality in Marketing Campaigns